Saturday, August 28, 2010

$2 Modern Floor Lamp

If you have followed Mamma Loves to Save for a while you know that my family moved into a "fixer upper" split level home at the beginning of the year.  It's a total Brady bunch house and I love that my modern tastes can blend in easily.
I long coveted these arc lamps that I have spotted on television shows like Modern Family, Bethenny Getting Married?, and several others. (Do I watch too much TV?  Maybe.)  I knew a lamp like this woudl be perfec tin my living room as we have no overhead lighting in the middle of the room.
The one pictured above is $330 at

Or there is this bargain version that is $195.95 at Lamps Plus. also features this stainless steel version for just $650.
Despite the free shipping offered, this was just not in the budget right imagine my delight when I found a very similar light at a rummage sale yesterday for....
That's right - Two dollars -  and it works!
Don't get me wrong it's far from perfect.  I would like to cover the base and even after a good cleaning, it looks like it could use a coat of chrome spay paint up close.  (All in time.)
But I think it looks pretty good.  
What do you think?
 If only I could find a sleek, sectional sofa for $2 to complete the look! :)

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