Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Get $5 when you buy Fruitfull Bites

Have you seen these in stores yet?  My Mom gave me a $1 Target store coupon for these Del Monte Fruitfull Bites.  They no corn syrup and looked like something my boys woudl like, so I decided to try them when I was in Target a few days ago. 
To my surprise the box was marked with the special sticker you can see in this photo.  There is a survey offer on the box to give feedback about Del Monte Fruitfull Bite.  You get a $5 check for taking a 10 minute survey! 
The bites cost $2.99.  I used a $1 coupon, then will get $5 cash back.  Total = FREE + $3 profit!  :)

Look for these in your local Target!

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