Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coupon organization while shoppping...

I posted here a while ago about my leap from the accordion coupon organizer to a 3-ring binder.  I love the binder.  It takes much longer to organize my coupons, but finding the ones I need is a breeze.  However, I still end up with the same problem - I often miss coupons that need to be handed to the cashier.  I usually pull the ones out tha tI am using and put them in a pocke tin the side of my diaper bag.  Amist the chaos of young children,  putting groceries on the belt for the checker and trying to watch the screen as the items scan, I seem to often forget to hand over one or two coupons.  Very frustrating!  I am look for suggestions. 
How do you keep track of coupons you a re using in store?


  1. I keep an empty envelope in my binder and put any coupons I will be using in it. That way when I get to the register I just pull out the envelope and hand the coupons over.
    I have also seen some awesome cart covers on etsy here someday I will make one.

  2. I use the binder to keep track- but if I know I'm going to be using I pull the coupon out- also if I find a coupon to use whil shopping I pull it out. I have a mini accordian filer that fits in my purse (or diaper bag as I haven't carried a purse in awhile)sorted by store-

    If I leave them in an accordian file I forget about them, same if I don't clip right away- unless there is a BIG sale and I go look for them.