Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Grocery Budget Update for the Month of September

I posted here last month about the terrible job I did sticking to my grocery budget. ( I ahve lots of excuses as to why I spent so much!) I budget for $500 in groceries and $150 for dining out each month.

A few notes about my budget:

  • I consider "groceries" in my household not only food items, but health and beauty, baby items, and paper goods. Paper towels, diapers, cold medicine....its all in there.

  • I oftne buy items that I recieve a rebate for later. I consider rebate income as "income" and do not count it against my grocery budget. I want to stay within $500 regardless of what I will make back later.

  • I sold lots of my stockpile itmes in our yard sale this month. That is also "income" and does not count agaist the grocery budget.

August Totals: Groceries $771, Dining Out $281 = $1,052

September Totals: Groceries $512, Dining Out $156 = $688

Savings of $364 over last month! Of course, I have tons of excuses yet again about why I even spent this much - we had family visiting for my son's first birthday, I did some stockpiling on diapers...I could go on, but I will just keep trying to whittle down for next month!

For October, I am going to alter my budget a little so that I have more money to dine out with and less for groceries. With our house on the market, I know it is inevitable that we will eat out more during showings. Lets hope it sells fast!

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