Friday, November 11, 2011

This is Why I Coupon....

Have you missed me?  I have taken a break from blogging.  It began by choice - first lack of interest in doing anything extra while I was 9 months pregnant, and the birth of my daughter.  The lack of blogging has continued due to the chaos in my house from having 3 children in my home ages 4 and under.
During the past month, I have done much less coupon shopping.  I have realized great things about couponing and having a stock pile..  Though my stock pile is small, (I believe in having 8 toothpastes in the cabinet, not 800) I usually have extras of our essentials.  This means while I have been home with a newborn, I have not had to make any emergency trips to the store for something that has run out.  I can also make dinner on the fly without stress.
I appreciate my stock, and look forward to seeing it grow again a midst the great holiday sales.  Look for more posts soon!  I have missed sharing the savings with you!

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