Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jill's Steals - Coffee, handbags & jewelry up to 85% off!

Wow!  Jill's Steals are back on the Today Show with some great offers!  Head over here to find deals up to 85% off!
Check out the Joseph Charles handbags  - reg. $380, now $58!
Also the Don Francisco Coffee Bundle - reg. $115, now $32.95!

Keep in mind these deals are good today only.  Also, they usually take a while to ship, so be patient!

Thanks, Hip 2 Save!


  1. I ordered the Joseph Charles handbag with no problem (other than slow website) on March 22. I finally received it on April 29. Yay! I expected that this small retailer would likely get overwhelmed by the response to the Today show deal. In their defense, they did send me an unprompted email on April 11 explaining the delay and providing an estimated ship date and another email on April 27 telling me that it did indeed ship. So, now that I have it, here's my review. For $58, the bag is worth it. Had I paid the retail price of $380, the bag would be going back -- I just don't see the high-end quality. The bag is attractive. And, it is leather. But, it is very thin, soft, flimsy leather. And the convertible strap is also very thin. I travel a lot and I'm not sure this thing will hold up to being schlepped thru the airport every week. I purchased the Sussex bag which is the one with all of the gold studs on the front. And, to my surprise, those studs are very noisy. The purse sort of jingles every time I move it. The studs are not touching each other so I had to examine closely to see what's going on. The studs are not glued (and @ $380, they should not be). They are sort of like a rivet with a mushroom cap on top. The stud goes thru the leather from the inside (under the lining, you can't see them inside) and then this mushroom cap is on top of the rivet on the outside of the bag. So, the mushroom cap is actually the part of the stud that shows. But, because of its 2-part construction, the cap wiggles just a bit on the stem of the rivet. Make sense? Wouldn't notice if it was just 1 or 2 studs -- but this thing has 11 rows of 9 studs each -- so 99 little wiggles that add up to an audible jingle. It's still cute. But this will be an occasional weekend bag for me rather than a handbag that I'll carry daily.

  2. Thanks for the review! Ordered on too and still have not received it. Maybe tomorrow!

  3. I ordered these as well & was completely disappointed. I emailed the company and the Today Show with no response from either. There is no way anyone should or would pay $380 for this bag. I feel as though I threw away the $58 I did spend. I am now very leery of Jill's Steals & Deals. I just checked ebay & it seems as though others are trying to make their money back as well.....