Monday, January 17, 2011

What Price is a "Stock-Up" Price?

So, if you have made the commitment to use coupons, track sales and really cut your shopping bill, an important part of that equation is STOCK PILING.
Stock Piling doesn't mean that you have to stop parking your cars in the garage to house your stash of over flow groceries.  However, it does mean you always think long term when shopping.  This is the BEST way to see an big pay off from all your hard work couponing.  
So, if your children's favorite cereal goes on sale and you know with a coupon you can get it for $.50 a box.  Should you buy 1 or 2 boxes?  Of course not!
Deal Detecting Diva has a great "Buy Price List"  of her own stock-up worthy prices for common items.  Though everyone's "good deal" varies depending on where you live and the stores you shop (I am jealous of her banana price!), this is a good guideline to start looking at what constitutes a good deal on your regular shopping trip.
If you end up with more extra items than you can use, it always feels good to donate to charity.  :)


  1. Oh my goodness! Is this a picture of your pantry?

  2. Yeah, if that's your pantry then I have some work to do!! And thanks for the mention! :)

  3. No! That is not my pantry. Crazy photo though!