Monday, October 18, 2010

$3 Bench Redo

Last month I bought this bench at a junk sale for $3.  It had white vinyl seats on it covered in stains.  (I removed them before this photo.)  I liked the 1960's shape, so I thought it was worth a redo!

I took care of the sanding and painting, and my Mom was kind enough to recover the seats.

Here's what I put into this project:
Bench                            $3
Sandpaper                     $0 (already had some)
Spray primer, 2 cans      $10
Paint                              $0 (mixed some leftover wall paint)
Spray clear coat             $5
1 yard upholstery fabric  $25
TOTAL                         $43

And here is the




I think it's well worth $43 and a little elbow grease!

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