Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Step-by-Step: Craft on the Cheap + Give Away!

Guest Post by:
by Cara Heard, owner of Letter Me This, an etsy shop,  

  I bought this canvas at Big Lots, they had this nice thick 12 x 12 canvas for $5.  I went on customer appreciation day and saved 20%, so I got if for $4!  I looked at Michaels afterward, and this type of canvas is usually around $18.  I found the ribbon for this at Michaels in their dollar bin.  So this is $5 in products.  I used DecoArt Patio Paints that I already had.  These make surfaces safe for outside.  

I started looking for saying, other than just ‘Welcome’ and wanted something funny.  I am sarcastic and silly and like anything with a sense of humor.  I found a similar saying online and adjusted it for our family.  So I ended up with a sort of anti soliciting sign.  I live in a neighborhood where people love to come try and sell us stuff.  So this is funny to me.  Some people might find it offensive, but it is meant to be funny.  I am not easily offended!  

I have been doing similar flowers on some upcoming projects and wanted to include them.  And these colors and style complement the house number sign I made and have in my front flower bed.  You can do whatever you think would complement your house and feel free to just write out Welcome.  If you aren’t comfortable with your handwriting, you could use stencils. 
How To's:
    1.  Choose a canvas, preferably one you find on sale or use a coupon.  Then when Patio Paint goes on       sale at your local craft store, buy a few bottles in colors that will complement your home. 
  1. Paint 2 coats of base coat.  The one picture is after one coat.
  2. After it dries, trace a few circles of varying sizes onto the side and bottom of your canvas.
  3. Add details in and around the circles to turn them into fun flowers.
  4. Add whimsical vines and leaves.  Have fun, don’t worry about perfect.
  5. For the lettering, I usually go in with a pencil first and try and get the spacing right.  I hold a ruler under my line to try and keep me going straight. 
  6. Then I went back over it with a Garden Craft Terra Cotta marker in black.  I have never found those on sale, so use a coupon. 
  7. You can leave it, or for extra protection spray it with a sealer.  The patio paints do not need sealer but with me living in humid environment, I am thinking it will help the canvas to look better longer. 
  8. Attach the ribbon and hang on your front door.  

Now for the Give Away:
Please check out my Facebook page at  and become a fan.  Come back here and leave a comment saying you are a fan.  You will be entered into a drawing for a $10 gift certificate for any Letter Me This  item!.  This is perfect for saving on holiday gifts or décor.  Plus, any Mamma Loves to Save reader that places an order before Aug 20th, will get 5 bonus entries into drawing.  
Hope you all learned a little something from my guest posts!