Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Saving Money when Traveling with the Family

While most families have completed their vacations for the summer, and are not yet thinking about the next one, I think this is the perfect time to put serious thought into your next get away with your family so you can get the best deal and have a great time!
Since my crew just came back from vacation, it is still on my brain.  I wanted to share a few vacationing money saving pointers.

  • First, I DO think vacations should be a priority - alone with your significant other and with your entire family.  You may not be able to afford to go to Europe for 2 weeks (Wouldn't that be nice?), but most of us can at least get away for the weekend once a year.  There is nothing like quality time away from home with your family.  I started setting aside $20-$50 out of each paycheck several months ago, and was amazed at the vacation fund we quickly built.
  • Consider the age of your kiddos - My youngest son is 23 months old.  What doest this mean?  He flew to California for FREE. He at for FREE at Goofy's Kitchen (A meal that cost us $110 for 2 adults and 1 child over 3 yrs, but was so worth it!) His admission into Disneyland was FREE,  and He got into the Aquarium of the Pacific for FREE.  As you can see, we saved a lot of money taking this trip a month before his second birthday rather than a few months or one year later.  AND he still had a blast!
  • Bring your beverages - Especially when you travel with kids, you will save tons carrying your own water bottles, juice boxes, etc. with you. Most amusement parks, museums, ball parks and other attractions will allow you to bring in drinks and snacks.  Part of the fun of vacation (at least in my mind) is getting to eat out, but who wants to blow their budget on $4 bottles of water?
  • Use  check out before you travel for gift certificates near your destination.  Since they frequently offer these at 80% off, even if you buy 1 or 2 gift certificates you don't use, the savings outweighs the expense.  
  • Surf the web for coupons. - Check out the Convention and Visitors Bureau website for other coupons for restaurant and attractions.  A simple Swagbucks search could save you some $$$ on admission fees, parking, eating and more.

Happy Savings and Travels!

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