Friday, July 9, 2010

Have you Heard of Just Between Friends?

Have you ever been to a Just Between Friends sale?  If you are a Mamma, or expecting Mamma, this is the place to be!  JBF is a consignment sale that offers everything under the sun for babies and kids.

All merchandise is clean and neat.  (Don't think garage sale!)  Robeez, Nike, Gymboree, Ralf Lauren, and GAP are some of the apparel labels you will find. (Sorry, I only look at the boy's stuff!)  I have found Halloween costumes for my kids at the JBF sale as well as a baby swing, new shoes and lots more. Need an extra bouncy seat for Grandma's house or stroller for the babysitter?  This is a great place to find it!
JBF is a great place to SELL your maternity clothes, and baby items when you are finished having children for top dollar!
Go here to locate a Just Between Friends sale near you.

My pointers for Shopping JBF:

  • Sign up for their mailing list.  Go to the JBF website  and locate the sale you want to attend.  Then sign up for that mailer. 
  • Don't take your kids!  There is A LOT to look through at these sales.  It is impossible to do this well with your children in tow.  Not to mention they will probably be miserable!
  • Bring a bag, stroller, or wagon to carry your merchandise.  Shopping carts are usually not provided at the JBF sale, so bring something to haul your goods with you while you shop.


  1. Thanks for the mention about JBF. I run the sale in Dallas, TX. and your "pointers" above are perfect. You have obviously experienced a JBF shopping experience. I always feel bad for the sweet mom's who bring their kids, then realize how much there is to look at. They leave with their arms really full and looking really tired. :)

  2. Glad you found JBF and glad you love it! Thanks for posting for all those who don't know about this yet. I organize the Sugar Land/Rosenberg, TX sales events. These events are so much fun for the volunteers, consignors, shoppers and ME! I have made so many friends! Everyone anticipates future events after the first. We are about community--with every transaction that takes place, money is going right back to the moms of the community. In addition, all JBF locations benefit a non-profit charity. Happy Shopping (& selling)!

  3. Great tips, and thanks for spreading the word about Just Between Friends (JBF) sales events. I'm bringing JBF to Phoenix, AZ this Fall, and there is already quite a bit of excitement about it. People who've moved from other parts of the country and experienced JBF are looking forward to it for the very reasons you've expressed.

  4. Thanks for spreading the JBF word! I run the Space Coast FL JBF and love it. It's such a win-win-win-win-win for the shoppers, consignors, volunteers, charitable partners and myself :) Great tips!

  5. I love JBF much so that I opted to run the North Tampa sale! One of the reasons JBF works so well is that it is 100% run for the community. Our goal is to bless our community through these consignment events, and that's exactly what we're seeing happen. We're just a baby sale, getting ready to hold our fourth event, and even we were able to put nearly $30,000 back into the pockets of Tampa area families this past spring. So thanks for helping spread the word! A choice to shop or sell at JBF is a choice to help not just yourself with great savings and extra cash, but also your neighbors!

  6. Frugal mom here...............LOVE the lesson JBF teaches: recycling is OK and COOL, saving money is OK and COOL, volunteering is very COOL and selling your items is very SMART and COOL. I own the Richmond, IN/Greenville, OH JBF events. Thanks for your public tips!

  7. Thank you for posting about JBF! I run the North Bay, California sale. We've had one sale and our 2nd is next month. This is a new concept in my area and the excitement in the community is just fantastic!