Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back in the Walgreens Saddle

So I love Walgreens, but lately have not been "super" shopping there due to other thing going on in my life.  (We all have more to do than just coupon shop, right?)  I actually had NO Register Rewards to spend on this transaction I made on Monday.  I spent my last one in Las Vegas last week getting antibiotics for strep throat.  :(
So here's how it played out:
Ecotrin $2 - $2 coupon from here = FREE
3x Neutrogena Bar Soap $2.69 each
Luster White Tooth Paste = $5
Total $13.07
+ 1.43 tax
= $14.50 OOP
Register Rewards Received $17  :)
($10 for Neutrogena, $2 for Ecotrin, $5 for Luster White.)

Not bad.  The Neutrogena deal is a great Money Maker that doesn't require a single coupon.  Gotta love it!

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