Monday, May 10, 2010

What does $20 buy?

A whole lot of groceries!
I had a great shopping trip to Homeland this evening.  After a day of cranky kids that were not feeling well, there's nothing like finding a few unexpected bargains to lift your spirits!  :)  To top it off, I had a nice, friendly cashier who quietly keyed in all the coupons that did not scan without a fight.  Ahh....
Here's what I bought:

32 items  $73.25
- $21.36 One Card Savings
-$35.41 Coupon Savings
= $16.75 + tax!

(Homeland only doubles 1 every coupon - no duplicates.)  6 items were free, plus some unexpected overage on a few.   Did you notice the meat?!  I am getting the hang of figuring out how to not blow the budget on meat and it makes a big difference in our grocery expenses! 
Not a bad trip!

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