Thursday, May 13, 2010

Target Mailer Coupons & More

I am still having computer issues, and cannot upload the photos I intended to use here, but I still wanted to get the deals going again!
A couple days ago, I received a great Target toy catalog in the mail.  I hope you did to!  Inside were a some Target store toy coupons, as well as coupons for children's clothing, Band-Aids and more.  The best part?  I coupon card in the back of the catalog for $5 off ANY $50 purchase!
I have used coupons like this before at Target.  Hand it over first, before your other coupons, and it should still work even if you total dips below $50 after all your coupons.
While waiting for persciptions at Target a few days ago, I also noticed Airwick Freshmatic Compact vanilla scent on clearance for $3.98.  I picked up 2 of these for free using the $4 off 1 insert coupon.  Even if you don't like to use these in your home, they have 2 AA batteries in each one.  Everyone can use those!  They also sell great in yard sales!  :)

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