Thursday, April 29, 2010

What will You Never Pay for Again?

I was at Walgreens this morning, picking up all the freebies with Register Rewards this week.  (For those new to Walgreens shopping, see here.)  After 1 year of "hard core" couponing, (I was an occasional coupon user before this time) my stock pile of basics is quite large.  I have also realized that certain items I used to buy for $.50 or a $1 on a great sale, I will now only purchase when I can get them free.  I really can't imagine spending $3 on toothpaste ever again, no matter how much money my family earns.  It just seems silly when you can get it free! 
Granted, brand lolyalty is totally out the window.  I have to use whatever is in the cabinet, and it is oftne not my favorite brand.  However, I have found soem great new products my forcing myself to try new brands that I got free.
To the couponers out there, I was curious, what items will you never pay a single cent for again?
I think tops on my list would be:
feminine care products
shaving cream
body wash (though I came close, as my stock pile was alomst gone a few months ago!)
breakfast sausage

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