Friday, April 16, 2010

Mega Kmart Clearance. Great Finds!

Check out my haul from Kmart this morning!  Easter items are 75% off, Clearance toys are an extra 50% off lowest marked price, and shoes are extra 50% off the lowest marked price.  Serious bargains without using a single coupon!  Bedding and bath clearance were also an extra 30% off lowest marked price, but I didn't find any of those items I needed to buy today.  My total for 13 items?  $40.04 plus tax!  I love buying so called "holiday" items on clearance that you can use anytime.

Here is the breakdown:
Little Einsteins toy figures - $1.50 (should have been $3 but rang up lower!)
Snow White doll - $4.50
Yo Gabba Gabba Boom Box - $12.50
Moonsand Party Pack - $3.50
12 ct. large Easter eggs - $.49
Egg dying kit - $.62
Celophane for gift wrapping - $.49
3 sizes of wicker baskets - $2.49, $1.24, and $1.99 (Won't these be great for baby gift items?)
Wire basket $1.99
Buzz Lightyear basket - $3.74 (For my son's new outerspace bedroom)
Women's black, leather flats - $4.99

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  1. That's a great shopping trip! I just went to Kmart last week and they had a ton od stuff but the prices were still really high! I'm gonna have to check back this week!