Saturday, April 24, 2010

Great Target finds! Lots of Free Items

I went to Target today and was very happy with what I found!  I used a lot of the previously available here  as well as Target mailer coupons.  My total with tax before coupons - $136.  After coupons - $82!  Still a large pruchase I know (some extra items made it into my basket!), but quite a still quite a savings! 
Here is a few of my bargains.  My receipt dissapeared, so I will do my best to remember prices....

Light Bulbs - Reg. $3.54.  Used $2.00 Target IP and $1 insert Q to make them $.54
Kleenex - About $1.50.  Used $1 Target mobile coupon to make them only $.50

Merona purses - On clearance for $5 each.  Used the previeously available Target IP for $5 off any Merona handbag = 2 purses for FREE!

Oscar Mayer Bacon:  Clearance for $2.12.  Used $. 75 insert Q and a $.50 Target mailer for a final cost of just $.87.                                        Starkist Tuna: On price cut for $1.40 each.  Used $1/2 Target mailer coupon  and $.50/2  IP for a final cost of $1.30 for 2.                                 Market Pantry Low Sodium Ham.  About $2.50.  Used the $1 IP from here   for a final cost of $1.50 for 9 oz of deli meat.                                         

Mens Merona Polo Shirt:  On sale for $7 (I think?) Used the $3 off any Men's Merona apparel coupon prveiously available = $4.                     Mens Merona Tee $7 (I think?) Used the same coupon mentioned above = $4  Women's Merona Tee on clearance for $10.48.  Used the $2 off any Women's Merona shirt coupon previously available   = $8.48

Not a bad day of shopping!!!

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