Sunday, March 14, 2010

How much is worth clipping?

We have all heard someone say, "It's just worth it to clip coupons."  Couponers know this is simply NOT true!  However, coupon amounts vary greatly.  I am curious to know -
What amount do you think is worth clipping or printing?
For me, the general rule is $.50.  I rarely clip or print a coupon less than this amount.  There are one availble right now for $.30 off 2 Pilsubury products on - I just don't think this is worth the ink to print it or my time to clip and file even if it is doubled.  (Plus, there is sure to be a higher value coupon out there somewhere.) 
This is not a hard and fast rule.  A low value coupon used on a low price item could equal a freebie.  And I love freebies!  For instance, $.30 off of a candy bar used at a store that doubles, or paired with a sale, will probably give you free candy - well worth the clip.

What do you think?

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