Thursday, February 18, 2010

Coupon Frustration....

If you are a coupon user, you have been where I was this morning:
I went ot Homeland with my carefully planned out shopping list and coupon matching the sales in hand.  Strangely, the store was not busy at all and there was only one checker working.  I avoid this woman usually, but there was no one else to go.  She never tries more than once to scan a coupon, (the IP's never seem to scan the first time).  If it doesn't scan, she keys it in, and then NEVER doubles it.  I bravely spoke up today and asked her to hit the key to double my coupons.  She did it once, then began reading on one of my IP's.  She then proclaimed that none of these should double,  It says redeem at face value.  What?!  I wanted to argue and scream, "YOU ARE COSTING ME MONEY!!!  DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TIEM AND WORK THIS TAKES?!" 

But I didn't.  You see, this checker is rather large, much taller than me, and has a deep scratchy voice.  Yes, I fear her slightly.  I also live in a small town, so causing a scene over coupons not doubling would surely make the local paper if anyone saw me. 

I accepted my loss of about $5 today, sulking and steaming on the way to the car.  Encounters like this make you wonder if it is all worth it. 

What did I learn?   You have to remember the few "coupon highs" that happen when you score some really great freebies and moneymakers. Days like this are just a price you pay in thr process and to be expected.  ESPECAIALLY if you shop with small children who serve as a constant distraction.  Also, it is well worth treking to the store at night, after dinner when the nice, coupon accepting, high school kids are working at the check out counters. 

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  1. Oh Have I been there before many many times! I Love Homeland Most of the time but there is one particular woman that I try to avoid like the plaque because it takes forever to get checked out because she reads EVERY single word on the coupon, which is fine unless you have 20 coupons. Sorry your trip went so badly hopefully next time you will make up for the loss. Noone except us "coupon people" understand how frustrating it is losing money. My sister said to me the other day, "it's only a dollar why are so upset" :)