Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All this and a free movie rental for $8.48!

I realize that I have not posted Homeland coupon matchup yet, but hopefully this will get you motivated!  I bought all 21 of these items for just $8.48 at Homeland tonight! 
AND  $2.25 of that total OOP was tax!
AND I rented a free movie from the Blockbuster kiosk using code MQ12A found on the Homeland website.
There should have been more items, but our store gets pick over so quickly when the sales are good.  Several things I wanted were already gone.  It was well worth it to go tonight rather than messing with the sacary checker that works during the day.  The young girl that checked me out tonight simply keyed in all my coupons that didn't scan easily with overages!  :)

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