Monday, January 25, 2010

Remodel Photos

I said I would post some photos of our home remodel project.  We have been here only 3 weeks, but this is what we have accomplished.  We hired somone to install the flooring, but all paint, texturing, light fixtures etc. has been completed by ourselves and volunteer family labor.  There is still A LOT to do, changing hardware, window treatments and still more painting.  (My oldest son has blue roses on one wall of his room!)  We are happy to be here are appreciate the early 1960's style of this house.  Not to mention doubling our square footage as compared to our previous home!

Downstairs Den BEFORE

Downstairs Den AFTER new flooring

Kitchen BEFORE.  You can't see the tiny birds all over the wallpaper, but they are there!
Notice the entry way wallpaper through the doorway.

Another kitchen BEFORE shot.  Really sorry I missed a shot of the oh so pretty light fixture in this room.

Kitchen AFTER.

Master Bed BEFORE

\Master Bed AFTER

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  1. Great job on the renovations! I look forward to seeing more.

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