Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Homeland Trip today

Here is the results of my Homeland shopping tonight.
26 items total
One Card Savings $20.48
Coupon Savings $20.20
$16.66 before tax 
Total savings - 71%
Some "must haves" are mixed in and certainly raised my out of pocket expense.  If you aren't familiar with Homeland, they only double one of each kind of coupon.  In other words, there is no stocking up on 20 boxes of crackers in a single trip.  Still some great freebies today though!    I think I have enough cream soups for cooking for a very long time.  These were $.19 each.  Can't pass them by for that cost!  I forgot a few coupons for some other free crackers, so I will be going back in a few days.
All these were free after coupon doubled:
Knorr Gravy Mix
2x Jello
Cinnabon Bars
Kotex Panty Liners
Kashi Crackers
Wheat Thins
Coffeemate Creamer

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