Friday, November 27, 2009

And the November Budget Says...

UPDATE:  I have done some end of the month shopping for an additional $24 expense.  This brings the grand total to $319 for the month.

We are out of town for the Thanksgiving weekend and I shouldn't be doing any more grocery shopping, so I felt I could post this...
Last month I slacked on  keeping track of our household budget.  This month I have been a little better and have kept receipts from grocery purchases.  I wanted to stay below $400 for all gorocery, household cleaning, and personal care items  (all Walgreens trips included!)  I cleared it with flying colors!!!  Only $295 spent this monthon groceries! 

In all fairness, I did do a big trip to Sam's Club just before the end of October, to stock up on meat.  We were well stocked for the month.   Also, we went out of town, a couple times so I spent more on dining out than usual.  But still...we eat at home nearly every meal.  Feeding 4 for under $300 a month is no record breaker, but still not bad.  My stockpile pantry is growning so I feel confindent I can continue to slash my grocery budget.  $50 a week would be great to reach as we will be moving in to a new house soon and could use the cash else where.

I am thinking of doing the cash envelope system for expeses next month.  Does anyone do this?  Does it work for you?


  1. I do the cash envelope system and I definitely recommend it. We found out that we were spending a LOT less when we went to cash only. What I recommend doing is keeping your envelopes in a safe place at home and then only taking out what you need when you go shopping so you're not carrying all that cash with you at once (I learned that the hard way).

  2. Thanks! I think we will try it starting in a couple days!