Friday, October 30, 2009

My amazing Old Navy Run!

Today started the "Stuff and Save" Event at Old Navy for Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic card holders.  The first 50 customers this morning receive 50% off your entire purchase instead of the usual 30%!    I wasn't sure I has made it in time to be one of the first 50, or I would have stocked up on some more goodies for the kids!  They also gave us a super cute tote (the blue and white one with orange birds in the photo).
I managed to get these 19 items, including a Chirstmas sweater for myself, my husband, and vests for the kiddos, all for for just $89.36 before tax! 
Some clearnace items were still marked for an additional 50% off the lowest marked price. 

I got this clearance shirt for my son, orginally, $8.50 for just $1.12!

This tank for myself was regularly priced $14.50.  After discounts it cam to only $1.49!

If you have an Old Nay/GAP card, I recommend you hit the stores this week.  Even at 30% off there are some execellent deals to score!

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