Wednesday, October 14, 2009

List of Great Deals at Walmart

I thought I would share some freebies and cheapies at Walmart from Rachel at Wahoo A Bargain.

Note that Walmart changes their prices regionally, so some of these deal may not be exactly the same at your local store. I know the Honey Bunches of Oats were $3 at my local store instead of $2 as they were at Rachel's. Still great deals to check out!


Tide (travel size), $0.97Use $1.00 off any size tide-insert=$0.03 Money Maker

Clean and Clear (travel size), $0.98Use $1.00 Clean and Clear product-insert=$0.02 Money Maker

Hormeal Compleats, $1.97Use $2.00 off Hormeal Completes-All you=$0.03 Money Maker

Sun chips, $0.88Use $1 off of 1-all you=$0.12 Money Maker

Schick disposable razor(yellow package) $1.97Use $2 off-insert=$0.03 Money Maker

Dial, travel size, $0.97Use $1 off-printable=$0.03 Money Maker

El Montery Tornados, $2.00Used $1 off -insert plus try me free rebate= $1.00 Money Maker

Rolaids-3pack, $1.38Used $4 off of 2-insert=$1.24 Money Maker

Reeses cup-dark, $0.50Used $0.55 off-insert=$0.05 Money Maker


Aquafresh toothpaste-travel size, $0.97Used Try it free -printable=Free

AirWick I-Motio, $6.00Used $6 off-insert=Free

Klondike choco taco, $1.00Used $1 off-printable=Free

Honey Bunches of Oats, $2.00Used $2.00 off-printable=Free

Reach floss, $1.00Used $1.00 off-insert=Free

Kotex pads, $1.00Used $1.00 off-insert=Free

Bic Pens, $0.50Used $1 off of 2-Insert=Free

Kashi go lean crunch, $3.00Used $3.00 off-vocalpoint=Free

Renu Fresh Lens Comfort (travel size), $1.47Used $2off- printable=Free

Healthy choice dinner, $2.00Used $2.00 off-printable=Free

****LESS THAN $1****

Pillsbury crescent rolls-4ct, $1.16Used $1 off-printable(no longer available :()=$0.16

Edwards Key Lime Pie, $1.17Used $1 off-(okay I don't remember if it was a printable or insert!)=$0.17

McCormick Black pepper, $1.26Used $1 off-printable=$0.26

Martha White Cornbread mix, $0.58 eachUsed $0.55 off of 2-insert=$0.30 each

Hunt's ketchup, $0.97 eachUsed $1 off of 2-all you= $0.47 each

Nestle water 6-pk, $1.00Used $0.50-all you=$0.50

Glade multiwick candle, $3.50Used $3.00 off-insert=$0.50

Snuggles Dryer sheet(40ct), $1.58Used $1.00 off-printable=$0.58

Lea & Perrin Thick, Classic, $2.58Used $2.00 off-insert=$0.58

Ortega taco seasoning, $0.68Used $0.75 off of 2-insert=$0.61 each

Halls(20 ct), $1.76Used $0.35-insert plus price matched dollar general($1.00)= $0.65

Star Vinegar, $1.76Used $1.00 off-insert=$0.76

Success rice, $1.78Used $1.00 off-printable=$0.78

Progresso High fiber soup, $1.78Used $1.00 off-printable=$0.78

Budweiser BBQ Sauce, $1.78Used $1.00 off-insert=$0.78

Louisana Fish Fry Mix, $1.32Used $1.00 off of 2-insert=$0.82 each

Pillsbury french loaf, $1.86Used $1.00 off(no longer available)=$0.86

Kellogg's cinnabon bars, $1.88Used $1.00 off-printable=$0.88

Playtex gloves, $1.88Used $1.00 off-printable=$0.88

Toaster strudels, $1.98Used $1.00 off-printable=$0.98

Soda pop dessert topper, $1.98Used $1.00 off-insert=$0.98

McCormick miced garlic, $1.98Used $1.00 off-printable=$0.98

White cloud toilet paper, $1.99Used $1.00 off-printable=$0.99

Del Monte fruit chillers, $2.00Used $1 off-printable=$1.00

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