Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thoughts on Walmart Shopping....

A friends aske me yesterday, "Do you really think you can do better at Homeland with coupons, than just shopping at Walmart?" I have heard this before (and I am sure many of you a have too) and have a few thoughts on the subject:
  • The answer is YES. You CAN do better at asving money Homeland or whatever your local high priced supermarket than Walmart but....
  • Your supermarket has to double coupons like Homeland does. This is how youg et FREEBIES! It is pretty rare to get free items at Walmart, though you can get may for cheap.
  • The same goes for Walgreens. As you may know, I love shopping there, but it does take WORK matching up sales, register rewards, and coupon. However, it pays off!
  • You MUST be willing to follow the sales and match coupons accordingly.
  • For staple items that you really need or buy generic, I say head to Walmart. You won't be able to beat their prices. However, if you are stockpiling when you find a really cheap or free sale, you will drastically reduce the times you buy something at full price.
  • If you take this a step futher and begin Meal Planning, see post here, then you will really start saving some $$$.
  • Target has gotten VERY competitive with Walmart prices. I ahve enven foudn some lower prices at Target than Walmart lately., If you you are lucky enough to have a Super Target near you, they are great for staples as well. With all your savings you can drift over to Starbucks for treat! :)
  • IF you are NOT willing to use coupons dilligently, follow sale ads or my blog:), then stick with Walmart. As they say, "Always low prices."

As for me, I headed over to a nearby brand new Walmart Super Center today. I needed a few things for my son's birthday party this weekend and to feed family coming in from out of town. For produce, it was hard to beat Walmart's prices. However, I will still be making my weekly trip to Homeland for my freebies!

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